Website space and bandwidth: What is it and how does it work for web hosting

Website space and band width are the two most important features that are intricately associated with web hosting. Basically, Web space or disk space may be defined as the total amount of megabytes or gigabytes a web hosting company gives you with your hosting plan. This space is used to hold the HTML tags and images that are displayed on your website when your web pages are viewed. Your web space also includes website log files, Front Page extensions, PHP files, CGI programs, externally linked CSS and Javascript files, and usually email accounts and emails as well as space for any databases.

While web space is the actual amount of online space provided for your website to occupy on the Internet, in computer networking and computer science, bandwidth is the capacity for a given system to transfer data over a connection. Hosting bandwidth is ascertained as the intensity of data transferred across an Internet connection. However, it is must for you to know as to how much bandwidth is required while choosing your web hosting plans.

Presently there are many companies operating in the market that provide you with quality web hosting services. Out of the whole platter, choose only the best for yourself by opting for Digital Image Hosting. They are a premier organization providing big corporate houses with complete website hosting solutions. Digital Image Hosting helps you to create large websites without having to worry about ‘ceiling’ or the upper limit. In other words, the company offers unlimited website space and band width that enables you to add any amount of content to your website. With hard disk space limited to a maximum of 200 GB, many of you would think that how does the company provide unlimited web space. However, it is not the hard disk space that is being provided, but unlimited usage of web space.

At Digital Image Hosting you can choose from a wide range of packages, all of which have been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of different clients. Further, these packages have been modified depending upon the operating systems being used by you. That is, the company provides you with different hosting packages for Windows and Linux.

Digital Image Hosting is one of the most experienced companies operating in this field and they have handled several stellar projects with expertise. Their services are also quite competitively priced. Years of experience coupled with a qualified team helps them to provide only the best services to their clients.

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